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Especially made for iPad and it’s absolutely FREE

How to make an alien activity book with stars wht brdIncludes these favourite interactive games:

Slider (you know, the 16 piece square shaped puzzle that you need to slide around to un-jumbl


Drag and drop – Make your very own alien from various alien body part

Sketchbook – colour in aliens

Fun space facts about black holes (the inspiration behind the book)

Download for free on iBooks

Sneak peek

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Doug the Dung Beetle: The long roll home

Front cover Long roll home chimp 600px wide

Doug is a roller dung beetle and he loves to roll dung.

No matter what the weather is like.  No matter how high the mountain.  No matter what obstacle may come his way, he will roll and roll until he makes it home.

Unless, maybe, the obstacle is a dung beetle eating lizard.

Available from 

Amazon – Amazon.com  Amazon.uk.com

iBook Store – Click here to view.  As a bonus, the Apple version comes with some interactive, multitouch games to play.

Want more, take a sneak peek inside

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Here’s what people have said about the book

  • ‘Have been following the cartoon strip for a while and have been waiting for the picture book. Worth the wait, looks brilliant on iPad and can’t wait for more from this author/illustrator.’
  • ‘Wonderful illustration, story, message and it’s fun as well! When will we see more of Doug?’
  • ‘I downloaded this book for my 7-year-old nephew whom I recently visited. We had so much fun reading through it together on my iPad. The drawings are wonderful–so full of color–and the story is hilarious. What kid doesn’t love a story about poo? Plus, at the end of the book, there were interactive games for him to play. He had a great time with them. This is a wonderful children’s book that adults will love reading, too. I highly recommend it!’

And from the mouth of a young reader

  • Jack (4 yr old) ‘So, you’re telling me Doug actually eats poo?
  • Adult ‘Yep, that’s what dung beetles do’
  • Jack ‘Cool!’

Oh, and if you like the book, why not write a review?  As you can imagine, for a newbie into this game, every bit of favourable metadata pointing my way helps!

To find out more about Doug and his latest antics, subscribe to Doug’s website too! Look for the subscribe button on the right hand column.


Doug the Dung Beetle Activity book

Front cover Apple cropped

The 2nd book to be released in the Doug the Dung Beetle series.  This is for iPad only as it is an interactive, multitouch ebook.  Hours of fun to be had with Doug and includes the following popular kids games: drag and drop dress up of Doug and a dung ball, mazes, word search and colour in….and much, much more.  Suitable from age 3 to the age at which you stop being interested in toilet humour.

Download now for free on iBooks by clicking here

Come on, do a bit of finger exercising and click the link above to download. It’s FREE!

The sneak peek

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